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HÄFELE was founded in 1923 and during its long history has established itself as a leading fittings producer. The company develops and manufactures furniture, architectural fittings and electronic locking systems.
 has elaborated know-how 
HÄFELE has its own research centre, where experts develop products and systems oriented to market and customers’ demands.HÄFELE offers special fittings, developed by other specialists in the area.HÄFELE buys ideas for fittings and systems and elaborates these in accord with the company concepts of market demands.
  has production know-how

HÄFELE has 5 factories in Germany for industrial production of furniture fittings and systems. This makes it one of world leading producers.


As a world leader in connectors production Hafele dominates with a large range of products created and produced in the company plants in Germany. The world renowned Minifix, Rafix, Maxifix, as well as the newly developed Onefix, TabA, TabV and Pushfix have made Hafele a synonym of quality and innovation all over the world. Hafele Berlin factory is the third company in size in Germany with a technology for products from the Zinc Alloy. 4000 tons of the alloy are used per year. In addition 2000 tons of steel and 500 tons of plastic enter the production process, which concerns connectors production alone.

The development and production of Dialock electronic locking system is a proof of Hafele wide scope of work. Dialock system components are produced and fitted in the factory in Kenzingen under exceptionally strict quality control.

Schneider company, owned by Hafele, specializes in office system production. Every year under conditions of fully automatized production over 2 million metal shelves and over 1 million drawer runner  systems are made, as well as office systems known as Varianta.


develops solutions and products by the orders of its clients
SLIMFIX Carcase connector
Shelf support whit rapid-action clamping                                                                                                  

MINIFIX Flap hinge for wooden flaps and aluminium frames


Deliveries from Hafele logistic center
HÄFELE has a giant logistic centre of its own, which makes deliveries all over the world. Over 40 000 orders are processed a day. The warehouse has more than 100 000 product cells and over 50 000 various articles that are permanently kept on stock.                        

In HÄFELE catalogues   you will find everything you need in furniture and architectural fittings

Over 50 000 items in over 5000 pages in 6 catalogues
Door and window handles
            Door handle sets for internal doors in residential and commercial projects
            Door handles
            Sliding door handles
            Window handles
            Accessories 

Architectural Harware
            Door locks and bolts
            Locking cylinders
            Hinges
            Door holders and buffers
            Sliding door fittings
            Ventilation trims
            Fixing material, accessories

Dialock - electronic locking system
            Whit electronic, radio-controlled            indentification and looking solutions
Mounting systems 
            Fixing material
            Wall olugs
            Toolsq Dril bitsq Mounting aids
            Safety Equipment
Furniture fittings
            Connector
            Shelfsupports
            Hinges
            Flap fittings
            Locking systems
            Kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom furniture fittings and accessories
            Drawer and pull out cabinet runners
            Sliding door systems
            Roller Shutters
            Office furniture installation systems
            Fixing materia
            Glass gluing technique 
            Furniture handles made of metal, plastic, wood, glass, leather or porcelain            Handle profiles
            Inset handles
            Wardrobe hooks
            Coathanger
            Mirror fittings and accessories



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